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Know exactly how your customers are feeling.

Smirk is a smart camera that scans your customers emotions and allows for real-time, anonimized and unbiased product & experience feedback.

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Our team of data scientists, software engineers and hardware specialists are working round the clock to launch the alpha version of Smirk. 

We're actively looking for innovators such as yourself to help us build & test the retail analytics revolution we like to call Smirk.

No surveys, no questions, no hassle.

What is Smirk?

Smirk collects valuable morphological information about your
store's visitors. A picture of your customers' face is analyzed for happiness, disgust, surprise, anger and more basic emotions.

Automatisch de voordeligste energie

Access to the unaccessible.

Consolidate your smart store efforts.

Your Smirk platform centralizes all your measured data in real-time and automatically. Track and iterate store changes across the globe, with smart dashboards and measurement tools.


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Accurate customer profiling & targeting

Lean upgrade of shopping experience

Anonymous, unbiased data about your clients

Customize your offer & strategy

Constantly update the User Experience in your store

Compete with

Be present for every first impression

Skip the manual feedback bias

Shorten the feedback loop with real-time data

Installation for every store

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No cables. No drilling. No electricians.

Smart & battery-powered

Never interrupt a shopping experience.

Beautiful & subtle design

Let your store managers install it.

Easy & automated set up

How it works

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Face recognition

Real-time data anonimisation


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Detection result:
1 face detected

“faceRectangle”: {
“top”: 1076,
“left”: 2084,
“width”: 366,
“height”: 366,
“scores”: {
“anger”: 5.694591E-06,
“contempt”: 0.0003234161,
“disgust”: 1.7170104E-05,
“fear”: 8.762085E-09,
“happiness”: 0.535039842,
“neutral”: 0.4645701,
“sadness”: 1.36440785E-05,
“surprise”: 3.01349883E-05,

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Automatisch de voordeligste energie

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